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Mountain-biking / Hiking

Individual routes

Over the years we have explored many of the paths and tracks in the park and thanks to GPS technology we have created our own maps. From the 500 km of routes available we have documented forty circular routes. So we can meet all your requirements for distance, slope and degree of difficulty.

Almost all the routes are circular and cover many aspects, from simple and relaxing paths to various beaches and landscapes. To the more technically demanding downhill trails of varying grades and difficulties.

Each group is given a GPS programmed with the days route. Which serves as a control to keep on track, we also indicate good places to stop and eat and any interesting sights you may encounter.

Solamente tenemos que dar una mala noticia a los aficionados a la bicicleta de: la red de carreteras asfaltadas es muy limitada, al menos en el Parque.

Accompanied routes

If you need it we can supply a guide who knows the area and can accompany you throughout the route. Also routes can be organized that last several days with accomodation along the way and with your luggage transported separately.

Caboactivo - We know the park!
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